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Ghana’s Groundnuts

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Building Resilience in the Face of Climate Change and Weather Shocks – UPDATED

Panel moderated by Dan Glickman, Co-chair, Global Agricultural Development Initiative, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs ©IFPRI/Xinyuan Shang

Building Resilience in the Face of Climate Change and Weather Shocks - Organized by IFPRI and the Chicago Council on Global Affairs “We have a broken food system today… Climate change is simply a threat-intensifier; it is making what is already perilous even more difficult.” - Rachel Kyte, Group Vice President and Special Envoy for Climate Change >> Read more

Building the scientific basis for climate-smart agriculture

Improved forages can help boost beef production. Climate-smart agriculture practices, like these, are making headway in the climate and development policy arena. Photo: G. Smith (CIAT)

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Climate change is already putting food security at risk. Rising temperatures and extreme events, such as sudden droughts and floods, mean that it will be even harder to meet the growing demand for food, fiber and fuel, especially for poor countries with high population growth.

Unless immediate action is taken by policy-makers, the impacts on livelihoods will increase over the long-run, especially if agriculture expands onto wild-lands that now provide natural resources such as clean water and biodiversity.