Cows and milk markets in rural Ethiopia

This new publication Cows, missing milk markets and nutrition in rural Ethiopia by John Hoddinott et al looks at the dairy sector in rural Ethiopia and considers the nutritional impacts of cow ownership on households.

Source: GSSP Notes

Climate Change, Agriculture, and Foodcrop Production

GSSP recently released a policy note entitled Climate Change, Agriculture, and Foodcrop Production in Ghana that discusses mitigation options to reduce the effects of climate change on agricultural potential in Ghana.  Agriculture still plays a major role in Ghana’s GDP despite the transition to industry and service sectors-led economy. The country is experiencing reduced rainfall >> Read more

Source: GSSP Notes

Book Release: Strategies and Priorities for African Agriculture

IFPRI recently released a book entitled “Strategies and Priorities for African Agriculture: Economy-wide Perspectives from Country Studies” that examines the potential of agriculture to contribute to national growth and poverty reduction in Africa and evaluates the costs of accelerating agricultural growth.  The chapter on Ghana reviews the structure of agriculture and notes that, like many >> Read more