Agricultural Production and Children’s Diets

Children Diet

ESSP Working Paper 69. "Agriculutral Production and Children's Diets" by Hirvonen, Kalle and Hoddinott, John F. Abstract: We study the relationship between pre-school children’s food consumption and household agricultural production. Using a large household survey from rural Ethiopia, we find that increasing household production diversity leads to considerable improvements in children’s diet diversity. However, we also document how >> Read more

Social Networks and Factor Markets: Panel Data Evidence from Ethiopia


ESSP Working Paper 68. "Social Networks and Factor Markets: Panel Data Evidence from Ethiopia" by Kibrom A. Abay, Goytom A. Kahsay, and Guush Berhane Abstract: In the absence of well-established factor markets, the role of indigenous institutions and social networks can be substantial for mobilizing factors for agricultural production. We investigate the role of an indigenous social network >> Read more

Teff: Nutrient Composition and Health Benefits

ESSP Working Paper 67. "Teff: Nutrient composition and health benefits" by Kaleab Baye Abstract: Teff (Eragrostis tef), has been cultivated and used for human consumption in Ethiopia for centuries. However, teff’s global use for human consumption has been restrained partly due to limited knowledge about its nutrient composition and the processing challenges faced in making teff-based food products. >> Read more

Summary of Structure and Performance of Ethiopia’s Coffee Export Sector

ESSP Research Note 29."SUMMARY OF STRUCTURE AND PERFORMANCE OF ETHIOPIA’S COFFEE EXPORT SECTOR" by Minten, Bart, Tamru, Seneshaw, Kuma, Tadesse, Nyarko,Yaw Summary of ESSP Working Paper 66. We study the structure and performance of the coffee export sector in Ethiopia, Africa’s most important coffee producer, over the period 2003 to 2013. We find an evolving policy environment >> Read more