Working Papers

How big are post-harvest losses in Ethiopia? Evidence from teff

ESSP Working Paper 93, by Bart Minten, Ermias Engida, and Seneshaw Tamru . Abstract: Based on a unique large-scale data set on teff production and marketing, Ethiopia’s most important cash crop, we study post-harvest losses in rural-urban value chains,

Row planting teff in Ethiopia: Impact on farm-level profitability and labor allocation

ESSP Working Paper 92, by Joachim Vandercasteelen, Mekdim Dereje, Bart Minten, and Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse. Abstract: Improved technologies are increasingly promoted to farmers in sub-Saharan-African countries to address low agricultural productivity in their staple crops.

Cities and agricultural transformation in Africa: Evidence from Ethiopia

ESSP Working Paper 91, by Joachim Vandercasteelen, Seneshaw Tamru, Bart Minten, and Johan Swinnen. Abstract: Due to the rapid growth of cities in Africa, many more farmers are now living in rural hinterlands in relatively close proximity to cities where many provide food to urban residents.

Non-farm income and labor markets in rural Ethiopia

ESSP Working Paper 90, by Fantu Bachewe, Guush Berhane, Bart Minten, and Alemayehu Seyoum Taffesse. Abstract: Ethiopia’s economy is rapidly transforming. However, the extent to which this is affecting off-farm income and labor markets in rural areas is not well understood.