ReSAKSS: 10 Years of Promoting Evidence-Based Policy Planning and Implementation under CAADP

Ten years after its establishment, the IFPRI-facilitated ReSAKSS in Africa serves as a vital support to the implementation of CAADP. On October 18-20, 2016, the 2016 ReSAKSS Annual Conference will be held in Accra, Ghana to review and discuss the CAADP implementation.



SPECIAL ISSUE: The Governance of Adaptation

New Special issue in Ecology and Society : Governance of Adoptation The governance of adaptation: choices, reasons, and effects. Introduction to the Special Feature The governance of climate adaptation involves the collective efforts of multiple societal actors to address problems, or to reap the benefits, associated with impacts of climate change. Governing involves the creation >> Read more

Women’s empowerment linked to more diverse diets in rural Ethiopia

The following post was originally published on CGIAR A4NH website A4NH: What is the current status of nutrition and women role in agriculture in Ethiopia, both regarding indicators as well as government policies and initiatives? Feiruz and Fanaye (F&F): Despite some improvements in child and maternal nutrition in Ethiopia, undernutrition remains a developmental concern – >> Read more