FEWSNET June 2012 Food Prices Update

FEWS NET has released its June update on the trend of prices of staple food across countries vulnerable to food insecurity. The highlights of the June 2012 update include:

New Index Measures Food Security

The Global Food Security Index

Dupont released today a tool developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) that looks at the factors impacting food security in 105 countries.  According to key findings from the Global Food Security Index, wealthy countries, including the US, France, and Denmark, get the highest food security (but not the highest health and nutrition) marks whileread more

International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology (IJARGE)

IJARGE is a journal that fosters discussion on the evolution and governance of agricultural resources, with emphasis on the implications of policy choices on welfare of humans and the ecology. This journal produces research that addresses the complexity of the agricultural sector as an interface between ecological and socio-economic processes.  The abstracts of journal articlesread more