Plotting to get the word out: Gender and land research


-+*Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Agnes Quisumbing are International Food Policy Research Institute's (IFPRI) researchers closely working with PIM on various topics including property rights and gender. In this blog, they share their experience and ideas about best ways to publicize results of scientific research.  A colleague asked us recently about the “secret” behind IFPRI’s strategy to share >> Read more

Yours, Mine, and Ours

-+*The Big Picture Increasing evidence demonstrates the importance of women’s control and ownership of assets for achieving important development outcomes. Yet, studies focusing exclusively on increasing women’s asset ownership and control, or increasing their ownership of a specific kind of asset, run the risk of missing what else is happening within a household. Does the >> Read more

Household perception and demand for better land rights protection in the era of agricultural transformation in Ethiopia

Land boundaries v2

-+*Using data from the 2013 Agricultural growth program (AGP) survey of 7500 households from Ethiopia, this presentation at EDRI held on 15th April 2015, explores factors associated with demand for 2nd level land certification (SLLC). The 1st land certification program relied on the use of general boundaries, with no inclusion of a map or any >> Read more

Implications of agricultural productivity growth for structural change and employment in Ethiopia


-+*One common measure of structural change is the share of agriculture in total employment. Typically, as countries develop and per capita incomes rise, the share of agriculture in total employment falls. This presentation, held on 9th April 2015 at the ILRI Campus in Addis Ababa, shows recent research on this topic within Ethiopia, using survey >> Read more