Avoiding the risk of the unknown

Bhola survey participants. Photo: Sonia Atker

Lessons learned from a gender inclusive survey on index insurance in coastal Bangladesh

Agricultural production and children’s diets


On February 20, 2015, a short presentation on the relationship between children’s diet diversity, household production diversity and market access was delivered by Kalle Hirvonen from ESSP. In total, 51 people from a wide range of alliances attended, indicating a particular interest in this important topic for Ethiopia. The key finding of the research showed >> Read more

Is another Asian-style Green Revolution good for Africa?

Elsevier Atlas Award - Alejandro Nin Pratt

“Assuming Africa is an appropriate setting for another Asian-style Green Revolution is misleading and could result in, yet again, a frustrated attempt to attain sustainable agricultural growth,” says IFPRI Senior Research Fellow Alejandro Nin-Pratt, lead author of the study that just received the Elsevier Atlas Award. 

Bangladesh Prime Minister Calls for Research to Support Development

Bangladesh has made remarkable progress towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDG). During my visit this week with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina together with Akhter Ahmed, leader of IFPRI’s Bangladesh Policy Research and Strategy Support Program (PRSSP), I applauded her on her able and dynamic leadership. At our meeting, Prime Minister Hasina emphasized the importance of >> Read more