Debunking the myth of female labor in African agriculture

A recent study finds women provide an average of 40% of the agricultural labor hours in crop production in sub-Saharan Africa. Photo Credit: Neil Palmer

-+*Identifying opportunities for productive investments in women The widely cited “fact” that women in Africa provide 60-80% of the labor in agriculture is the latest of a set of claims that have been called into question about women’s contributions in agriculture based on new data from six sub-Saharan African countries. These studies offer our most >> Read more

Together for Nutrition 2015


-+*This conference took place on 15th June in Addis Ababa. Almost 150 people attended from diverse sectors and organizations to learn and to share the latest research on food and nutrition.

Are women rice farmers in Latin America?

Woman rice farmer in Peru

-+*This seemingly straightforward question is quite difficult to answer.  On smallholder farms, all family members generally play important roles in agricultural production.  But farm surveys typically interview men under the assumption that men are the household head, landholders, and farmers (see Deere, Alvarado, and Twyman 2012). This implicitly implies that women are not considered farmers, >> Read more

Smallholders and upstream transformation in global value chains: The case of coffee producers in Ethiopia

Coffee post 3

-+*Important changes have happened in the last decade to Ethiopia’s coffee sector. There has been increasing adoption of improved production, harvest, and post-harvest practices, with positive impacts on coffee productivity and incomes. Presented at EDRI, this research represents the first survey results on a national scale that gathers the key facts on Ethiopia’s coffee sector >> Read more