Africa’s green revolution

On Wednesday, AGRA’s Namanga Ngongi placed smallholders at the center of our discussions on agriculture. He declared agriculture to be “by far the most important sector for any reform agenda in Africa and the main catalyst for ending poverty on the continent.” AGRA is supporting the development of technologies required for a green revolution inread more

Sitting at the same table

According to Kwadwo Asenso-Okyere (IFPRI), speaking yesterday, “we have forgotten the importance of agriculture, health and nutrition linkages.” “We need to make sure that when policy makers devise agricultural programs they bring on board health personnel. Similarly, when health sectors devise health programs, they have to involve agriculture people. There should be a way toread more

Overcoming challenges to food security: Points of view

Khalid Bomba, ATA: “The major challenges are the efficient implementation of many of the strategies and technologies that we already have. I don’t think we need new technologies and new strategies. From a long-term perspective, I think that the environmental and social sustainability of our strategies needs to be an important part of the more