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New edition of IFPRI’s Insights magazine now available

Highlights include a look at the challenges family farming faces in developing countries, malnutrition's double burden, and an analysis of the economic impacts of fertilizer subsidies


New online resource highlights tools for value chain analysis

New web resource to ensure small-scale farmers enjoy a bigger piece of the financial pie.


Mapping crops to improve food security

Lack of consistent spatial information on crops creates problems for both researchers and policy makers.


The Nutrition Paradox in Kenya: What Are We Doing?

Kenya, like many other African countries, grapples with two heavy burdens of malnutrition.


2020 Resilience Conference

IFPRI 2020 Conference: Side Event on Enhancing Resilience in African Drylands: Toward a Shared Development Agenda

PIM's Director Karen Brooks will facilitate a side event of the IFPRI 2020 Conference, "Enhancing Resilience in African Drylands: Toward a Shared Development Agenda", organized by World Bank, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), and International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI). 

The Hunger Project Field Visit

The Hunger Project Invites Conference Participants to May 14 Field Trip to Epicenter

The Hunger Project invites 2020 Conference Participants to see resilience-in-action at the Debre Lebanos epicenter in Ethiopia – one of 120 epicenters across Africa, mobilizing nearly 2 million Africans in a process of gender-focused, integrated rural development.

Emorn Wasantwisut, Vice President of International Relations at Mahidol University, reflects on resilience-building needs and experiences in Thailand

Emorn Wasantwisut, Vice President of International Relations and Senior Advisor of the Institute of Nutrition at Mahidol University, discusses resilience as an indicator of development and reflects on resilience-building needs and experiences in Thailand.

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Ghana’s Groundnuts

Follow IFPRI's blog for the latest discussion surrounding Ghana's groundnuts - Breaking the cycle of contamination. Related Materials Strategies to Control Aflatoxin in Groundnut Value Chains (IFPRI Discussion Paper) Aflatoxins - finding solutions for improved food safety (2020 Focus Briefs) More publications from IFPRI eBrary

The POSHAN blog has moved!

We’ve migrated the POSHAN blog to a new location.  Please visit us at where you can now find all the POSHAN materials, including the older POSHAN blogs and reports, and all our new and exciting materials on maternal and child nutrition in India.  You can also learn about our upcoming conference Together for Nutrition >> Read more

Environmental Migration and Labor Markets in Nepal : Where Climate Change and Labor Meet

Recently published by IFPRI researcher  Valerie Mueller , Environmental Migration and Labor Markets in Nepal, takes a closer look at the impact of internal migration due to various shocks—particularly those that are weather-related—on Nepal’s labor markets. For key findings, read more here...