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Trade and Aid: Creating Winning Conditions for Nutrition

+-*The nutrition community can help by proactively creating new alliances and opportunities beyond the usual suspects.


Strengthening links between nutrition and health outcomes and ag research

+-*The June 2015 issue of the Food Security journal featured a special section to advance the boundaries of the agri-health research field.

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Announcing Nourishing Millions: Stories of Change in Nutrition

+-*Following the Millions Saved and Millions Fed iniatives, Nourishing Millions will identify success stories in global health and agricultural development


Central America and Caribbean Food Security Portal

+-*New Spanish-language web portal that focuses on food and nutrition security in Central America


2020 Resilience Conference

2020 Resilience conference logo

Independent Impact Assessment Report of 2020 Conference Released

-+*Prior to the 2020 conference, IFPRI commissioned an independent impact assessment report in order to determine the impact of the Conference on individual participants, professional discourse, organizational participants, and IFPRI itself.

2020 Conference book released: Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security

-+*Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security, the newly released 2020 Conference book, edited by Shenggen Fan, Rajul Pandya-Lorch, and Sivan Yosef, assesses shocks, reviews approaches and tools, and identifies what works to build resilience.

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En route vers la Conférence 2015 du ReSAKSS

+-*La Conférence Annuelle 2015 du Système d’Analyse Stratégique et de Gestion des Connaissances (ReSAKSS) se tiendra au siège de la Commission Economique des Nations Unies pour l’Afrique (UNECA) à Addis-Abeba, Ethiopie, du 1er au 3 septembre 2015. Le thème de cette année est : « Au-delà d’une Afrique à revenus moyens : Transformer les économies africaines pour une >> Read more

Employment: Program Director- Water, Land and Ecosystems (WLE/IWMI)

+-*Water, land and ecosystems (WLE) is a research program led by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) and is part of the CGIAR Consortium’s constellation of research programs which strive for a food-secure future. WLE is looking for a seasoned global leader in the agriculture and natural resource management sector, who has a clear vision >> Read more

Open consultations by civil society on SDG indicators – until 7 Sept

+-*On behalf of the Inter-agency and Expert Group on SDG Indicators (IAEG-SDGs), we would like to invite you to participate in an open consultation on the development of a global indicator framework for the Sustainable Development Goals. The purpose of this open consultation is to allow civil society, academia and the private sector to provide >> Read more